So much more than a 60 000 km run

Going for your dreams


After having completed three previous long runs Dave decided to go after his big dream – to explore the world and everything in it on foot. With nothing but his pram and a big smile on his face (most days) he set off on a six year adventure.

Starting in northern Norway in May 2016 Daves plan was to be out on the roads until 2022, running through Europe, North & South America, New Zealand, Australia, South East Asia and parts of Africa.


The Gump detour

At least, that WAS the plan. On the way down the east coast of the USA, Dave happened to pass a familiar site, the light house from the movie “Forrest Gump”. For some people it is simply a nice view, but for others it’s enough motivation to decide to run across the USA 4,5 times, running where Forrest Gump theoretically did. More on the Gump detour

The Hug Run is an attempt to raise awareness about our shared awesomeness as human beings, unleashing the potential within us all by unleashing our dreams.

If you find your passion you find your value. If you learn to see the value in yourself, you will also learn to see it in the people around you.


Why is it called hug run?

A hug is a universal expression and a recognition of the value of a human being. It’s saying “I see you and value you” without words, whether it’s a hug in a moment of deepest grief or highest euphoria.

The Hug Run is celebrating just that, our value and potential. And also, Dave really likes hugs and in his more vulnerable moments can admit to longing for one once in a while on the roads.

Fun facts



Average distance per day if Dave wakes up on time: 50-ish km



Number of milkshakes so far: 23



Number of shoes used per year: 17
Number sponsored by Asics: 0



Number of flat tyres thus far: 6

Heart-stopping moments

Heart-stopping moments

Bad drivers: 8
Angry animals: 5
Beautiful smiles: 42
Awesome nature: 923

Hug counter

Hug counter

Total hugs to date: 217

Who's the running maniac

Dave Chamberlain



This former South African scuba instructor happened to discover his passion for running by accident. It was a result of a silly challenge over sushi, to stop him from sulking about a lost passport.

In 2011 he set off for his first long run down the length of Argentina. Since then he’s crossed Canada and run through the Namibian desert to South Africa. He believes in the power of dreams and milkshakes, and stays as far away from offices and long pants as he possibly can.

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Main sponsor


As a leading developer of high quality psychometric test and assessment tools for HR-information analysis, Master International knows the true value of developing your personality.

Master International is the main sponsor of Hug Run, supporting Dave and making it possible for him to continue building his dream.

On Master International website you can read Dave’s blog posts from his journey.

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Rhys Morgan Images

Morgan Cardiff has been helping visualize Dave’s journeys ever since Dave set off on his journey through the Namib desert in 2012.

Morgan specializes in documentary productions, and focusing on conservation science and expedition content.

They met in 2009, on Little Corn Island in Nicaragua, where Dave taught him to dive.

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Fibes Photography & Communication

Eva Beronius is working with marketing and communication for the project. If you want to get in touch with Dave to buy him a milkshake or a pair of shoes, she will make it happen.

Eva is the founder and owner of Fibes Photography & Communications, where she works with a variety of clients, helping them navigate the jungle of digital communication.

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Children of the dawn

An organisation in South Africa which raises funds for AIDS orphans from the poorest communities.

By providing funds for ARV’s, food and schooling, Children of the dawn is helping break the cycle of poverty.

Hug Run is running in support of Children of the dawn. We don’t directly collect funds on their behalf, but rather raise awareness about their programmes, and leave it up to people to decide whether they want to donate to them or not.

Children of the dawn website

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Trailer: The Penguin Runner

Namibia to South Africa 2012

Trailer: west to the sea

Across Canada 2013

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